Birthday wishes to our friend, our companion and our pretty little angry bird

So let’s start off the blog with a mini movie 😀

Wishes pouring from your buddies….

To bundle of cuteness

I still remember the first time I met you , on adi’s bday ..not much introduction was required because adi has told about how chandy and you  were so sweet couple .Unfortunately you had exam GRE exam the very next day and you had to leave .. couldn’t get much time to spend time with you … it was so sweet of you to come for celebration inspite of your exam 🙂 Really was looking forward to meet u up some other day but didn’t happen at all .. 
Then comes Chandy’s bday .. when we actually met properly had a really good time .. and your friends were really sweet too 🙂 that’s when I met another family in Chennai 🙂 
Chandy and you were always our inspiration.. Our new year time actually made us closer in many ways .. I really wish we go on trips like this often .. and we should make a pact to travel every year wherever we are .. 
You are most sweetest and beautiful person I have met .. You made me very comfy from the first time we met .. I really like your dressing sense ..I like the way you are so strong , doing everything independently . Being independent in one foreign country you need a lot of courage and you are doing amazing job out there .. kudos to it 🙂 .. love you loads 🙂

This pictures clearly defines how much we have in common , our argument with the guys , our series tastes , our music taste .. I love the company of yours .. Really really miss you a lot 😘 every time I meet Chandy , I miss you the most .. Only one thing I regret that we didn’t spend much time together when u were in chennai .Happieee birthday to the sweetest girl. Love you loads ..

-Uma Meena

You goood soul! ❤ You can always count me!🥰….

Hi Swethuuuuuuuu❤ Happpy birthday you am amazing soul!❤🥰
I don’t really know if this friendship would have happened if my number rollnumber  was not 10 or yours wasn’t 09……. We would haven’t shared the same lab or we can’t call ourselves as lab buddies….. So it’s always Swetha 09 in B. Tech and Sneha 10 in B.Tech….🥰 I would always cherish all those memorable lab hours and that’s where everything started,happened……  or like everyone and everything we had bad times… But what is a good bond without all this🖤

To tell about youu- Your beautiful inside and outside and you deserve only best and goood always❤ Finding an amazing friend is not easy thing .They are once in a lifetime that happens and we should hold to that strongly , Having sooo many friends  but  an amazing and forever friend  is totally different and your definitely one!❤❤Thanks always being by side right from being  lab buddy  to being my bridesmaid and everything that life has I know your going to be in all my good times and bad times ❤And I’m going to be the same in your life tooo right from being your lab buddy to the forever times (Includes being your  bridesmaids and everything)❤🥰 I’m dam sure life has got lots and lots of good thing for youuuuuuuuuu!❤ I know we always have each other’s back forever!🖤
So memories with you would be cherished forever!🖤❤

So many pictures of us are many favv🖤but this one something I love the most!❤

-Sneha Balu

To my sister…..

Swetha Jiiiiiiiiiiiii, Honestly I can say that we have been through a rollercoaster of emotions together.

I will always remember the breakfast, ice creams, dinners, birthdays, house parties ,Keys hotel, Movies,  the beach talks and drunks call I used to make ( I don’t remember what I said but I definitely know for a fact  that I used  call you *LOL XD* )

I remember being there when you took your car, when you left for Ireland, when you left for your Masters and I have always been proud of you and will continue to do so!!

Always remember that you’re very special to me, and my ONLY THANGACHII (remember the time you didn’t talk me because a little girl called me Anna Buahahahahah  *EPIC* )

I have so many memories of you and if I have to choose one which is close to my heart, it would be my 22nd surprise birthday party!! And that LIFE game sucked!!

-Akshaay Bhaai

It’s my 24th birthday as your sister….

“Hey Sweth… No wait this is too weird. Let me talk our NORMAL ways….Hiii Gibblooooo… Appy butchjay chu youuuu! Ju oso begomin aunchiee jis year….. Av a fenchaaschick buffjay an plis jun grow any challer.. Eeech los af cek anj nex chime chelebray wif me!! Vee neej chu ju anoja sischa chwip choon!! kay Byeeee gibbboooo”

-Swathi Chakravarthy

Happy B’day Fam….

Even though we haven’t spent much time together,when we do it feels like we have known each other for a long time. Thanks to Chandy I have you as my family. I love it when we gang up against Chandy :p Do you remember the time milo bit me near your house… lol you me and Akshay were super drunk. I think appo dhan you slapped bhai :pAnd the trip we went recently was amazing and hopefully we do a lot more in future. Happy birthday Swethaaaa …. Have a great one and also a safe one :p Thanks for putting up with Chandy and his nonsenses :p  Again happy bday fam 🙂
P.S. I have a lot of doubts regarding corona and I will ask you one day when you are free lol :p

-Adhitya. R

She’s a beautiful survivor….

I don’t know where all of this started but all I remember is because of one tea that we had together. To be honest I never had friends in college until I met. I used to have lunch alone in college everyday. You know How depressing that was. Every single person I knew in college was because of you. I’m very grateful to have you in my life. Someone who would always be there for me no matter what. You also felt the same way about most of things as I did. College was depressing for to be all alone by myself.  I chose staying back at home than attending college. And then you appeared. You got in ppl into my life. Maybe both of didn’t realise who truly wanted to stay with us. My relationship with you is very very special. There are lots of happy moments. And lots and lots and lots of fights. Very silly fights. The drama that you do. The drama that I do. Inspire of all that , the feeling in you that you still need me in your life. The feeling in me that I still need you in life is what makes us stay together. On this day there are two other ppl celebrating their birthdays. Once upon a time I used to be excited for all three of them. All three were close. But time just showed me the one who’s meant to be in my life. Dont forget one thing, you will always be on my thoughts. Thank you for putting up with me even though I have never been a good friend (according to you). Don’t give up on me. I’m still trying to change. And yes I’ll always be this annoying person in your life trying to irritate you all the time that you will want to get rid of me at the same time you cannot be peaceful without me. With lots and lots of love from your best friend ( just making myself feel better by calling myself your best friend) Stay safe. Takecare. 

Expect my wishes every year until the rest of your life on this day ☺️Happy birthday swotha ☺☺

-Sudharshan Raina

Δεν υπάρχει τίτλος, είναι αστείο που μεταφράσατε(Den ypárchei títlos, eínai asteío pou metafrásate)

Hey Swetha, there are so many stories but the most remembered times of us are the maths class which we used to watch bigboss 😂. That was really an epic thing to do with a strict teacher. All those post- classes stories, walking from block to block just talking useless stuffs always made my college days. All those times in college you stood for me when no one ever did was the most happiest part. You are such a great blessing to me and simply make everything brighter. I’m just lucky to have you as my best friend. I just want you to appreciate me for taking all your shit though 😋. Thank you for always understanding and you never judged me whatever it is. Your open minded thinking and compassionate caring heart always comfort everyone around you. Even though you are in US where I’m not always present to celebrate with you the good times, know that I am always happy and proud of you.

No matter what, I will stand for you as you do for me ❤

-Sabareesh Krishna

A very very happy birthday to you from all of us!!

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